Just some of the rides available:
Wall of Death

Not quite Victorian perhaps, but certainly Edwardian this thrilling spectacle, once seen at major Carnivals all over the country but now with very few travelling around, sees skilled motorcyclists racing on a vertical wall for the thrills and scares of the watching crowds.

The very first Wall of Death appeared at Coney Island Amusement Park (New York) in 1911 with the first perpendicualr walled version appearing from 1915. The Wall of Death has the audience view from the top of the drum, looking down. The motorbike riders start at the bottom centre of the drum and ascend a ramped section until they gain enough velocity to drive around the walls – horizontally to the floor!

This spectacle has to be seen to be believed and will have your guests cheering in amazement and set the event as the talk of the town.

You can see it in action below:

Thank you to macxtube8 for this who said: “Wall of Death at The Hampton Court Easter Fun Fair… couldn’t believe this… motorbikes are one thing but driving a go-kart around, impressive!”

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