Just some of the rides available:
Showman Engines

For a taste of Victoriana, the Showman’s Traction Engine was the main stay of funfairs from the early 1900s right up to the 1930s. How good will your function look with one of these superb machines belching steam and coal, and even possibly powering up some of the equipment you hire. This brings out the child in everyone, and these wonderful Engines are owned and maintained by enthusiasts who will share their passion for steam with you.

The Showman’s road locomotive was originally designed to provide power and transport for a travelling fair or circus but now with it’s¬†distinguishing full-length canopy and brightly coloured paintwork & ornate decorations it has become the perfect iconic centrepiece for any fairground or funfair.

Loved by all the Showman’s Traction Engine is a beautiful and fascinating attraction to have at any event.


  1. natasha (Reply) on Wednesday 6, 2010

    brilliant whats the price to hire it for my wedding but i want the best looking one.

    • irvin (Reply) on Wednesday 6, 2010

      Hi Natasha

      Sorry, just saw this, and if we did not answer before it is £ 2500 for an event. Email me on info@irvinleisure.com and we will send you all our price sheets. Best wishes George.