Just some of the rides available:
Games for All

From early times, in fact since someone found that the wheel worked better if it was round than square, wandering entertainers provided games and activities to entice the passer by. These are a mix of those traditional funfair attractions where you throw something at a target, hook something else, shoot at a target or take a lucky dip! Always with prizes for you to treasure and offering fun and games.

Our Victorian range takes a number of the favourites and offers them up to you, including the wonderful coconut shy, the mop and cans, roll downs, hook a duck, hoopla stalls, cork shooters and many more. Plus of course the superb Test of Strength (High Striker) Our Victorian forefathers would recognise these from their funfair visits and so can you, and they are great value too coming as they do fully staffed and with prizes as well as part of our package.

Then you can indulge yourself from our Victorian Food Cart, usually providing candyfloss and popcorn but available for any food and drink that you may want to use. Coming complete with food, and of course our qualified and experienced staff.

We have some stalls that have been adapted to fit inside buildings too, so space restrictions can be overcome. Want to play around? Play around with our traditional games.

Feel free to get in touch if you were interested in traditional funfair ride hire, or looking at our price guide for the Victorian attractions.

  1. Rachael Stevens (Reply) on Friday 17, 2010


    am looking at prices for your side stalls – could you get back to me with your prices please?

    Look forward to hearing from you shortly



    We reply: Thanks for contacting us Rachael and we have emailed you our prices already! Hope to work on your fundraising event.

  2. Gemma (Reply) on Friday 17, 2010

    Do you have a brochure and price list for the side stalls you offer (1 day hire) and also cost for hire of the helter skelters?

    Many thanks


  3. Karen Campbell (Reply) on Friday 17, 2010


    Could you please send me prices for your side stalls and carousel?

    Thank you